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The Creeks on KirkLevington Designer Interior Colors

A standing lighted lamp guards the brick wall as a continuum of the brown-painted wood encased glass windows. A maple round table surrounded by four sleek pastel orange sofa chairs near the corner of the glass windows also contrasts beautifully with the faux wood floor, the white door near side by side with a main sofa set of the living room.

The main set of two light brown leather sofa chairs and two fabric covered light brown sofas contrasts with the navy blue rug at the center beneath a low maple brown sofa table and the satin brown faux wood floor of the Creeks on KirkLevington Designer Interior Colors.


One side of the light brown wall of the living room is embedded with shelves where decors are placed. At the other wall, a fireplace can be found below the brick wall, and above a large rectangular wood framed mirror is installed at the Creeks on KirkLevington Designer Interior Colors.

L-shaped maple dark brown wood cabinets fit into one corner of the living room adorned with granite countertops. Inside the bedroom, the large wooden bed with super-comfortable cushion and silver bed cover beneath attractive maroon pillows are guarded by a maple dark brown cabinet by the light brown wall, with a large rectangular wood-framed mirror and a low sofa chair by the sliding door. 

One of the distinct images of the Creeks on KirkLevington Designer Interior Colors is its modern but warm and homely appearance. Inside the living room, the slanted vaulted ceiling lined with long boxed wood boards painted in beige contrasts beautifully with the brown wall of the large glass window panes and the soft yellow lighted wall of the room embedded with a circular mirror décor.

The light brown furry carpet of the bedroom floor enhances comfort and matches with the beige-painted vaulted ceiling and the large sliding glass door. Nearby the bathroom’s dressing area of golden painted walls are lit by four soft light short pendant lights above a huge mirror, and below the mirror is a wash area of granite countertops adorned with fresh white and orange flowers placed inside a tall glass vase filled with artistic small cube stones. 

The kitchen is embedded with wood embossed hanging light brown maple cabinets in one long corner attached to a protruding part of the upper wall. The kitchen sink is lined with granite countertops and the under sink area are embedded with light brown wood cabinets interspersed with black stainless appliances like an over-range microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, and 4-burner gas range.

The yellow light central pendant lighting of the kitchen emits warmth as one prepares food in cooking, and just a few steps away is the dining area with a square dark brown maple wood table and four slender wood dining chairs of the Creeks on KirkLevington Designer Interior Colors.You can visit site :

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